Daily Specials 2 Month Trial!


How does a 2 Month Trial Work for you!
We will provide a fully functional Daily Specials Email & Faxing System for you to use for 2 months. You can send your Daily Specials Faxes to up to 50 businesses in your area free of charge. Send up to 100 Email Addresses. Faxes are sent to your Business Customers, Emails are sent to your Business & Retails Customers. You can upgrade your account at any time, and if you feel our system is not working for your business, cancel at the end of your trial period.

You will need to contact us to get your system set up. To get the process started, fill out our Contact Form, or just give us a call, 973-934-0577, and we will set up your Fax/Email system. Once we have your system activated (usally completed in a few hours) you can begin to add your menu items to your library. No credit card required to set up or use our system during your free trial!

3 easy steps to get started

Step 1Determine how you want to provide your business customer's Fax Numbers & Email Addresses

Email Marketing Program .....Email is growing, faxing is slowing down.
Download our One Page Instruction Page, Sample Fax Templates (included in the start up pack) and Customer Sign Up forms: Start Up Pack
Start gathering up to 100 email addresses from your customers who want to hear about your daily specials.

You can use our forms to gather your customers fax numbers, or we can get them for you.
For a one time $50 fee
: We will get you 50 Fax/Emails numbers from your local businesses. We call local businesses in your area and get their permission to send them your specials. It is illegal to send faxes and emails without permission from the recipient. The $50 goes directly to our caller who spends many hours gathering your fax numbers and email addresses for your local businesses. Our "business" is not gathering customers for you, it is providing our unique System to get your Menus to your customers.

Step 2. Begin adding your menu items to your "Library"
We will set up your account and provide your login information within 24 hours of you contacting us. Then you can begin adding items in minutes. We will be happy to talk you through the process if you like. We are always ready to assist you. If you like, you may send a list of dozen items and we will add them for you, then we will show you how easy it is for you control your menus.

Step 3. View Email Templates
While you are adding your menu items to your library, together, we will design your Fax Page & Email Template. For the Fax Page, review the samples in the Start Up Pack and select the one you like. Fill in the "boxes" and send the page back to us. We will create your Fax Page and put it in your Daily Specials Schedule Panel.

Daily Special Emailing Marketing Program
Email Marketing is growing, Faxing is slowing down.
Everyone has a smart phone now. If you are located in an area that has a heavy concentration of manufactring type businesses, with large numbers of employees, faxing can still be effective.
We are finding more people adding their Email Addresses to our online Sign Up forms than fax numbers. If you are new to Daily Specials Lunch Specials marketing, we suggest you start off by asking your exisiting customers to join your Email List. You can always add Faxing later if you get requests for it.

Email is much less expensive than faxing. You pay by the Email Address, not by each email sent.
You can send emails every day of the week!
We will create an Email Marketing plan that sends a different "special" everyday.
Keep your business in front of your customers eyes for pennies a day!

Send to 300 Email Addresses / Customers 1-7 Days a Week $29.95 mo.
Send to 500 Email Addresses  / Customers 1-7 Days a Week $39.95 mo.
Send to 1000 Email Addresses  / Customers 1-7 Days a Week $59.95 mo.
Faxing Pricing
You pay a MONTHLY fee to send your faxes 5 days a week. Example: if you have 100 businesses you fax to, 5 days a week, you would pay $100 for the entire month!
Fax Numbers
5 Day a Week
3 Day a Week
1 Day a Week
25 - 150
 $1 per fax number / MONTHLY
$25 - $150
$15 - $90
$5 - $30
151 - 300
$.90 per fax number / MONTHLY
$135 - $270
$82 - $162
$25 - $55
301 - 500
$.80 per fax number / MONTHLY
$240 - $400
$120 - $200
$48 - $80
3 & 5 Day a week faxing is more suited for Pizza/Bagel/Deli type businesses.
1 Day a week works well for Fine Dining Restaurants that might only need to send their "Weekend Specials".
Our tools can be customized for almost any need. Tell us your ideas and we will make it work for you!

We don't charge to set up your Product Library, your Calendar System, and create your Fax Template/Pages. No Set Up charges at all!

You can be delivering your Daily Specials Menus to your businesses in less than a week!

Faxing/Emailing Services

Call or write anytime and we will
be happy to answer your questions
Call: 973-934-0577     Email
 Fax: 855-251-2312

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