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Daily Lunch Specials Email / Fax Marketing is designed for Pizza/Deli/Bagel and other food shops that want to increase their lunch traffic.
We deliver your Specials Menus by Fax & Email, so they are in front of your customers every morning when they arrive at work. Reduce the phone calls asking about your "soup of the day"! Try different menus items that you don't have on your printed menus.

Create seasonal dishes and try them out without having to print new menus all the time.
Create special event and holiday menus. Send a catering menu from time to time.

We developed the only Fax / Email system that allows you to control your menus Daily, Weekly, Monthly!
You do not have to send us your menus, or call us to make changes in your menus. Add new items whenever you like. You have total control! You create your menus, we do the sending!

Fax V Email
They both work! Faxing lunch specials has been a popular way to get your Lunch Specials to local businesses for over 25 years. Long before Email was invented. We find that in the north east (part of the country) fax is still popular. As we move south and west we deliver 90% of our Daily Specials by Email. Over the past few years we even see a shift in new customers we gather for our restaurants, in the north east, preferring to receive their specials by Email. We can send Emails to individual people, not just to one fax machine. With more people working from home, and traveling, they like to get their information by Email.

Your Specials are delivered 3 ways: (click a link to view samples)
Email (free with any faxing plan)
Website Display (free with any faxing plan)

Email is not "Texting"
Texting lunch specials is "frowned" upon by business people. Texting has been become the "private/important" method for people's communication. As we have heard from people who receive non-important information by text, they don't like being disturbed during a meeting only to see a business sending them an advertisement.

We look forward to helping you increase your Daily Specials Lunch Business!

Daily Specials Faxing / Emailing Services
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