We Deliver Your Message by Directed "Pin Point" marketing to
your customers who want to know "What's for Lunch!"

Promote your Lunch Specials to your local
businesses and professionals by Fax & Email

We use Fax to target "Brick & Mortor" businesses. Email is becoming popular for getting your Daily Specials to Trades People, and those who don't have daily access to a fax machine.

Email reaches individuals, while faxing goes to offices with multiple people!

Ones is not better than the other, they both serve the purpose of promoting your Daily Lunch Specials

Marketing Experts will tell you....

Once you have developed a "steady" customer base, it is less expensive to advertise to existing customers, for the purpose of increasing frequency of purchases, than advertising for new customers.

Our Daily Specials, direct marketing to local businesses if very cost effective. For pennies a day, per customer, we can deliver your Lunch Specials to an audience who wants to know what your are serving everyday!

YOU control your own menus everyday. You can create your Lunch Menus Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Your Faxes & Emails will be sent automatically everyday.
Set & Forget!

Do you have a Website? We will create a page that will display your Lunch Specials, that your webmaster can link to your website.

Daily Specials Faxing & Email Service

We can help you create a list of local businesses and professionals
who want to receive your Lunch Specials everyday.
We will set up your "Library", and you can begin adding your menu items immediately.
We will create a custom designed Faxing Page & Email for you.