Daily Specials Faxing Pricing


Simple Pricing
No Minimums / No Set Up Fees

Your cost for our service is:
$.99 monthly, per business we send your Daily Specials Fax out to
Example: if we send to 50 businesses, your monthly cost is $49.50, 100 businesses=$99

If you do not have your own list of your local business fax numbers, we can help

Each city/ town has a certain number of businesses that have fax machines.
We have lists of these businesses, and the number of potential fax numbers we can gather for you.
By law, you must have permission to send them a fax.

We can have our staff call your local businesses and ask their permission to send your fax.
In a small town we may only get 30 businesses for you, and a large city, may have over 200.

The cost for our staff to call your local businesses, and get permission, is $1 per business we get permission from.

You can decide the number of businesses you want to send your Daily Specials faxes to, no minimums.

We provide a FREE Web Page that displays your Daily Specials, that can be linked to your website.

We have the only Daily Specials Faxing system that allows you to add new menu items yourself, from your computer, phone or tablet, and create your own menus daily, weekly, monthly in our easy to use Schedualing Calendar System.

Daily Specials Faxing/Emailing Services

Call or write anytime and we will br>be happy to answer your questions 
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 Fax: 855-251-2312

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