Daily Lunch Specials Fax / Email Pricing



Simple Pricing
(after the 60 day free trial period ends)

Pricing is based on the number of local businesses in your
area that agree to receive your Daily Lunch Specials

$1 per month for each Business
that receives your Daily Lunch Specials
example: 50 businesses=$50 monthly
100 businesses=$100 monthly


What we can do to help you expand your list of businesses...
if you don't want to gather them yourself*

We purchase a list of up to 400 businesses (based on your area density)
and call them on the phone, to get their permission to send them your Daily Specials
We can usually get approximately, 50-100 businesses from our lists to
give you permission to send them your faxes/emails.

There is a one time, $199 fee to purchase the list, and call the businesses in your area to gather your
Fax Numbers/Email Addresses for you.

After your Free Trial period ends.....
No long term contracts. Month to Month. Cancel anytime.
See how well it will work for you!

You don't need a fax machine to use our service, we do the Faxing & Emailing.
If you have a computer you can build your own menu item library
and create your own menus daily, weekly or 28 days in advance.

Not "computer savvy", no problem, give us your menu items and we will take care of everything for you

Faxing/Emailing services are subject to state sales tax

*By law, you must have permission to send anyone a fax or email. There are no such "lists" that are readily available for use. Don't be mislead by any company that says they can provide a list of "hundreds or thousands" of businesses you can contact without permission from the business to receive YOUR faxes and emails. We cannot guarantee the results you will experience from sending your Daily Specials to the businesses that agree to receive them. Our monthly fee is for the use of our faxing/emailing system to create your daily specials and send them out to your businesses who agreed to receive them. We provide a service similar to you advertising in a local newspaper or coupon program. They cannot guarantee a result, and nor can we. You can cancel our monthly services at any time, but we do not refund the setup fee if you feel the service is not working as you expected.


Daily Specials Faxing /Emailing Services

Call or write anytime and we will
be happy to answer your questions
Call: 973-934-0577     Email
 Fax: 855-251-2312

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