Daily Specials Faxing Pricing


There are 2 costs involved in Faxing

1. Sending your Lunch Special Faxes

Pricing is very simple:
Approximately $.05 per fax / per day. If you want to send your faxes 5 days a week, and you have 100 customers to fax to, your cost will be $100 monthly.
We actually bill monthly: $1 Per customer monthly = $100 for 100 customers / faxes
We find that customer come and go. If you add a few numbers from time to time, we probably won't even change your basic monthly fees. If you add large quantities of numbers we will discuss an adjustment in your monthly fees.

How many businesses can we/you get fax numbers for?
There is a very logical way to know this information. Don't be fooled by a company that tells you they can get you "hundreds/thousands" of fax numbers. Look at the radius of the areas you service. You are competing with many other food services. Look at the type of area you service. Are you in a very heavy industrial area? Mostly residential? Mixed?

If you are in Elizabeth, Newark, Trenton, Long Island City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, or another big city. If you are in an average size town (10,000 residences) and mixed businesses, our experience is that you will probably only be able to get about 100 businesses to agree to receive your Faxes. We believe in honesty, not hype. Wouldn't we want to be able to charge you for 1000 faxes! WOW!  But experience tells us it is not going to happen.

Even if you want to try and go outside your normal service area, when you request permission to send a fax, the recipient asks who you are. They know if you are to far away. It is reality. Develop a good solid base of about 75-125 businesses that will steadliy order your lunch specials and you will find the cost to be minimal for our service.

And don't forget, we have the only "system" that allows you to control your own menus daily!

2. Gather your Local Businesses Fax Numbers

Legal Disclaimer: Sending unsolicited Faxes is a Federal Offense, read this.

People try and justify their desire to send their fax to any business from which they may have obtained their fax number, but, you simply cannot do it without risking a substantial fine. Some faxing service companies will tell you "We have a list of fax numbers from local businesses". They may have such a list, anyone can, buy a list of fax numbers. But, as you may have read on the FCC site, if you have not asked permission to send them your Daily Special Fax, it is not legal. You cannot send your fax to a person/business that may have given permission to receive a fax from another food establishment.

There are 2 legal ways to gather Fax numbers:
1. You can visit your local businesses and ask their permission to send them your Daily Specials. While this may not seem like a cost effective method to gather your Fax number list, it is actually the best method. Take an hour each day and drop into all the businesses and professional office in your area. You will find the people to be very receptive. While you are there, drop off your menus, offer them a one time discount for their next visit to your establishment. In some cases, you may find it productive to offer the staff some free pizza or bagels "and". Giving away your food is the best advertising you can do for your business.
2. We can gather Fax Numbers. There are 2 costs in this step. Our "caller" can call from a list should you decide to invest in a list. The list costs $.20 per fax number. The list can be generated by city/county or zip code. Small cities may have only 80 companies, others have hundreds.  Once we have the list, she will call every company on the list and ask their permission to send your daily special fax.
If you do not want to buy the list, our caller will do Google searches for local businesses and call them.
The fee for calling, for either option above, is $1 per fax/business that she gets approval to send your fax. If she can get permission from 50 businesses, your one time cost is $50.

And of course, whichever method you use, we strongly recommend asking your existing customers if they want to join your list when they come into your shop.

We have no contracts. You can cancel your faxing program at anytime. This is a very low cost marketing program that can generate a very steady lunch business if you give it some time and offer your customers a good variety of Lunch Specials.

Daily Specials Faxing Service
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