Dinner Specials Email Marketing


Dinner Specials Email Marketing is designed for "Fine Dining" restaurants.
Collecting the Email Addresses from your existing customers and sending them your Dinner Specials is one of the most inexpensive and effective marketing tool you can use. With our system you don't need to create email templates, know any "code", or have any technical computer skills.

We developed a simple Email system that allows you to control your Dinner Menus!
You do not have to send us your menus, or call us to make changes in your menus. You have total control! You create your menus, we do the sending!

Our system allows you to build a "library" of your menu items.
Once an item is in your library, all you need to do is "click" on the items, and they will be added to your Dinner Specials email! You can set your menus up days in advance and set the "Send" date.

Do you have Entertainment in your restaurant?
This a fantastic way to inform your customers of your upcoming events.

We will provide a FREE webpage that displays your Dinner Specials, and another webpage that will display your entertainment events. And on the webpage you can set "start & end" dates for the display of your weekly dinner menus, and events!

How about a 2 month FREE TRIAL!
You gather up to 100 Email addresses, and we will deliver your Dinner Specials, by email, free of charge for 2 months! No credit card required. Try it out, see if it works for you. No other advertising type businesses let you try it for free and then pay!
Go to FREE TRIAL SET UP to get started

We look forward to helping you increase your Dinner Specials Business!

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