We Deliver Your Message by Directed "Pin Point" marketing to
your customers who want to know "What's for Lunch!"

Promote your Lunch Specials to your local
businesses and professionals with our
Daily Specials by Email

Simple Pricing
$49 monthly
Send your Lunch Specials daily, to your local business customers. Send them 7 Days a Week.
Send them to up to 300 businesses in your area!

Why have we made the switch to from Faxing to Email?

Faxing is slowly ending.
Over the past few years we have benn seeing a decline in faxing. But...our EMAIL requests have been growing. There is a PLUS to using EMAIL It is much less expensive. Sending faxes, was costing some of our clients $1 per business monthly, we faxed to, only on weekdays. That was costing near $100 monthly for them. Faxing is expensive. EMAIL is only $49 monthly to send their specials to hundreds of businesses 7 days a week if they like. And you can try it for FREE for 60 days!

Daily Specials Faxing & Email Service

We can help you create a list of local businesses and professionals
who want to receive your Lunch Specials everyday.
We will set up your "Library", and you can begin adding your menu items immediately.
We will create a custom designed Email for you.